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Medela Breast Milk Bottles


Medela Breast Milk Bottles

Our breast milk bottles are a perfect complement to your breastfeeding experience. Medela’s breast milk bottles are BPA free and are compatible with all our breast pumps that use bottles, making it easy to pump, store and feed using the same container. This means not a single drop of your precious breast milk is wasted and you have less washing up to do.


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Proper breast milk storage

Experience the quality and convenience of Medela’s Breast Milk Storage Bottles, designed to simplify your breastfeeding journey and keep your precious breast milk safe and secure.

Medela’s Breast Milk Storage Bottles are compatible with all Medela breast pumps with bottles, so that you can pump and store your milk in the same container.

These bottles are dishwasher safe and can be sanitised with our Quick Clean Microwave Bags. These breast milk bottles also include screw-on lids that are leak-proof for safe storage, travel, and freezing.

All our products are made without BPA.

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Choose between:

2x 250ml Breast milk bottles


3x 150ml Breast milk bottles