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Medela Rechargeable Battery for Freestyle


Medela Rechargeable Battery for Freestyle

Medela Freestyle rechargeable battery – only compatible with the Freestyle breast pump.

Please note that this is not compatible with Freestyle Flex or Freestyle Hands-free breast pumps.


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How to change the Freestyle rechargeable battery

Step 1

To change the battery, open the battery compartment by pressing the push-button on the battery cover (on the back of the motor unit) and sliding the cover downwards. To remove the battery, pull the silver tab at the top right of the battery.

Step 2

Insert the new battery into the battery compartment with the “This Side Down” arrows pointing towards the compartment. The gold contacts on the battery must touch the contacts in the compartment. Finally, put the battery cover back on.

Step 3

Charge the battery by connecting the motor unit to the mains. “bAtt” will appear on the display on the motor unit’s front. Charge the battery until the battery indicator on the display stops flashing and “bAtt” disappears. The battery is now fully charged. Disconnect the mains adapter. The pump is ready for operation via battery