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Supplemental Nursing System Valve and Tubing Set


Supplemental Nursing System Valve and Tubing Set

Replacement valve and tubing set for use with the Medela Supplemental nursing system (SNS)

SNS 1 Valve set with 3 tubes .065 (red), .75 (white), .85 (transparent) and valve holder (transparent)

The SNS valve set is part of the Supplemental Nursing System that is designed to administer supplemental nutrition to babies while being fed at the breast.


VAT included

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Assembling the SNS tubing

Step 1

The SNS is supplied with three sizes of tubing: small (red valve), medium (white valve) and large (transparent valve).

When you use the SNS system for the first time,
start with the medium (white) valve.

Step 2

Place the silicone valve holder onto the valve.

Step 3

Slide the tubing with the valve on top through the attachment ring.
Push the valve in until it snaps into place. Do not pull on the tubing.

Step 4

Fix the neck cord on the bottle:
Pull the cord with its soft ending (without the clip) through the hole in the bottom of the bottle. Pull the ending with the metallic clip through the cord loop you
created in the previous step.

Pull firmly until the cord is fixed.

Fill the bottle with the supplemental nutrition which you prepared and heated in a separate container. Screw the attachment ring with the valve and tubing
onto the bottle. Squeeze the bottle gently, so that the milk flows through the tubing. If you use powdered formula, the formula may be too cloggy to flow freely. In this case, dissolve the powder more thoroughly

Step 6

Lock both parts of the tubing in the slits of the attachment ring. This is to avoid milk leakage as you hang the SNS around your neck.

Place the SNS system around your neck with the tubing hanging down.