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Medela Hands-Free Collection Cups


Medela Hands-Free Collection Cups

Medela’s Hands-Free Collection Cups allow you to express milk while keeping your hands free for all your multi-tasking needs. They are anatomically designed to support effective milk expression, ultra-lightweight for comfort and easy to clean with only three parts.


Our Hands-Free Collection Cups are quick-to-connect to your FreestyleTM and Swing MaxiTM and you’re ready to go!


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Upgrade your breast pump for a superior hands-free experience:

  • One Pump, Two Ways of Pumping – Freedom to choose your way of pumping: classic with bottles or hands-free with wearable collection cups.
  • Fits most Nursing Bras – Anatomically designed, based on research of the lactating breast to fit most breast shapes and nursing bras for convenience and comfort.
  • Transparent Design – Provides added reassurance that you’re expressing correctly with clear collection cups that make it easy to accurately position the nipple, see milk volume and confirm milk is flowing.
  • 60+ Years of Research & Trusted Brand – From Medela. Trusted expert in breast milk feeding, rooted in research for more than 60+ years & trusted by millions of moms worldwide.
    (2022 Global sales)
  • Discreet – Portability meets design with our ultra-lightweight collection cups (only 76g per cup), fitting discreetly inside your bra without weighing you down.
  • Capacity – Each cup can hold up to 150ml / 5oz of breast milk.
  • Flexible Tubing Direction – You have the flexibility to choose tubing direction and customize positioning.
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  • In Box
    • 2 x Hands Free Collection Cups
    • 2 x Breast Shield (21 mm)
    • 2 x Breast Shield (24mm)
    • 2 x Membrane
    • 1 x Tubing
  • Warranty
  • Dimensions
    • Package Dimensions: 175 x 110 x 165mm (6.88 x 4.03 x 6.49in)
  • Unit Weight
    • Fully assembled Hands-free Collection Cups x2 (including 24mm shield and membrane) : 152g / 5.2oz (76g / 2.6oz each)
    • Shield 21mm (x2) : 54g /1.9oz (27g / 0.9oz each)
    • Tubing (x1) : 30g / 1oz